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Wood Flooring

We offer a wide choice of solid and engineered wood flooring and laminate including Ted Todd, Panaget, Quickstep and V4.

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Ted Todd

Ted Todd is the UK’s leading manufacturer of FSC certified hardwood flooring offering over 200 floors and believes it is their responsibility to know where their timber originates from.

The Ted Todd product range comes with a 20 year guarantee and their engineered hardwood floors are constructed of nothing less than 100% hardwood ensuring the highest quality.


Panaget (with a 30 year guarantee) offers the highest quality woods available. The oak floors are all sourced from their own carefully managed forests. Panaget carries the PEFC (Pan European Forestry Certification) which means they are ethnically responsible and ensure the forests are replanted for future generations.

Quick Step

Laminate is a layered floor built around high density fibre board and is available in a range of colour and styles to suit all tastes.

Engineered wood made up of 3 layers with a protective finish provide a practical and warm flooring for the home.

Wood and stone effect vinyls are available in a range of colours and styles providing a practical and stylish addition to your home.


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